About a Girl

My name is Ahastery Lorenzo.

I am here to share my life as a Christian with you.

I am not here to paint a pretty picture of Christianity. Being a Christian doesn’t mean leading a perfect life.

We are at war.

We are at war with the people around us who have caged us into a group.

We are at war with the spiritual realm – there’s an enemy out to get us who moves in the air and is everywhere and anywhere.

We are at war with ourselves, because of the world we live in.

To be a Christian you must bear the Cross.

You must be like Jesus Christ.

It’s hard because we are human.

I am not perfect.

I gave my life to Christ 6 years ago and I have never been as on fire for Him as I am now.

What changed?

My identity did.

The way I think about myself. The way I see myself. The way I see others.

I identify as the Daughter of the Most High God. I no longer think “I can’t” but remind myself on a daily basis that I can do all things through He who gives me strength.

When I look at myself, I do not see who I was. An introvert with no real friends, no one to hang out with, nothing but her books. Wasting her life away doing nothing towards her future except work at a place she never dreamt of just to pay the bills.

When I see people, I remind myself that it doesn’t matter whether they like me or not, I must go and love of them because I am called to love others as Jesus loves me (John 15:12).

I did not create this blog to tell you how to be a Christian. I am not writing to tell you how to live your life. I am here, typing these words (and every word on every post) because there’s someone who will come across this blog one day and read a message they needed to hear.

About a Girl is not here to get likes or followers. This blog exists to bring people to Christ.

In short, I am not here to do work for myself, I am here to do work for the Kingdom of God.

And there will be a lot of ups and downs as I myself am still growing in the Word. I am still growing as a Christian. That is why I am not here to preach. Instead, I have come to remind you that God loves you no matter what you did, what you’re doing, or what you will do.

God’s request is simple: Turn from your ways (by repenting of your sins and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior) and obey his commandments.

My personal hope is that as you follow me on my journey – whatever that is – you too will grow.

Much Love,