And Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD counted him as righteous because of his faith.

Genesis 15:6, NLT

Abraham uprooted himself, his wife and his flocks and became a nomad at God’s call.

If we really dive into scriptures we find that the only thing that made Abraham special was his obedience and faithfulness to God. God chose Abraham for this reason, because every time God spoke to Abraham, Abraham listened.

Abraham is mentioned more than 80 times in the New Testament because Abraham’s faith is the root of Judaism and as a result, Christianity. Abraham’s encounters with God are raw and uncensored truths, as it really happens when God meets a person.

Abraham was far from perfect, he even tried doing his own thing to bring the promises forward; but when it came to the decisive moments of life, Abraham listened to good. He was willing to sacrifice anything for God.

Also, the land Abraham walked through was always populated, meaning He always had to compete for it.

I mention this because I want to say the following: Whatever God ask you to do, wherever He asks you to go, you’re not going to be the only one there. You’ll have to rely on your faith, on God , in order to remain faithful and remain in your purpose. Do not hesitate on going forward because there are other people doing what God wants you to do already. There will always be others doing something similar, but you will bring your own uniqueness into it, whether you’re seeing it or not, trust God and have faith that He is asking you to do this for a reason.

God has a purpose for everyone; let the others do them, you focus on doing God’s will. Let you faith in God be more powerful than other people’s opinions.

Let’s Discuss!

  1. God asked Abraham to leave his home and family an go to a far-off foreign country. If you were in his place, how would you have responded?
  2. Has God ever asked anything hard or risky of you?

I’ll start:

  1. I’m actually in that position right now… I’m not going to a foreign country [that would be cool yet frightening at the same time tbh]. But I am finally moving out of my parents house and taking on the responsibilities of the world. Had I had it my way, I think I would wait a little longer to have more money saved up, etc. But God has been calling me to move out for a while – specially this year, and the opportunity came up recently to do so and after fasting and praying, I accepted the command and will be living in a new place come November. It’s a bit scary, if I’m honest, because I’ve always lived with my parents, so going off on my own [even if it’s five minutes away lol] its scary, but it’s what God wants me to do at this time and I can see the benefits of it in the future and my God is so amazing that I know that those benefits are only the tip of the iceberg on what He wants me to accomplish.
  2. Last year, God asked me to leave my job and trust that He will provide for me. That was extremely scary. If I’m honest, much scarier than number one. This however, was me acting as Abraham did, trusting and having faith in God. And He has provided.

So last year I left my job, this year – around same time too, crazy! – He’s asking me to move out of my safe-haven; I don’t know what He’ll ask me to do next year!

Your turn!

Write your answers in the comment below!

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