Noah was a man that walked faithfully with God (Ge 6:9) in a time where God’s humankind creation was doing the opposite, setting into motion the decision of God to blot out His creation and start from zero. Because Noah was faithful to God, he was chosen to restart the human race.

Noah’s faithfulness is expressed in his immediate action when God revealed His plans to him. There was no question, Noah got to working on the ark right away. The Bible itself tells us that Noah repeatedly did “just as God commanded him.”

Moreover, after more than a year in the ark with animals, Noah and his family’s first act once they step out of the ark was to worship God (Ge 8:20), prompting God to make a new covenant with Noah.

God promised to never flood the earth again and told Noah and his family to be fruitful and multiply, just as He told Adam and Eve.

Unfortunately, “not even a flood could solve the problem of sin, for it lived on inside Noah, as it does in all people.” (The Starting Place Study Bible, NIV, 2019).

Sin lives inside of us, it is passed on from generation to generation. No matter what we do, we cannot make ourselves right with God.

It is only through what God Himself did for us that we can one day stand in front of God confident that our name will be in the book of life. Accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior cleanses us of our sins, but remaining obedient to Him and allowing the Holy Spirit to help us is what keeps us from sinning. We in our own strength are weak, but it is in our weakness that He is strong. For when we are weak, we open the door for God’s power to come through. But this is not a strength that comes over night; it comes with much reading of the Word of God (the Bible), prayer and a godly community – people who are in the same walk as you. You cannot be a Christian and not be in godly community – trust me, I tried and miserably failed.

That is why I offer my help to you, because you don’t have to do this on your own and you need people in your corner; you can email me at

God Bless,

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