Studying the Bible

Back in July, I bought a Study Bible. It’s called the Starting Place Study Bible: An Introductory Exploration of Studying God’s Word, New International Version published by Zondervan in 2019.

The Bible is pretty cool, it has introductions to each book, study notes at the very bottom of the pages, context notes, extra information about the Bible Characters, among other things. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to dive deeper into the Word of God.

When I got the Bible, I felt drawn to start it from the beginning as oppose to starting in the place where I was at with my NLT Bible.

Now, why does this matter to you?

Because, I am starting something new.

I know I am ALWAYS starting something new and am barely consistent, but this time I have the drive and motivation to follow through because I have a command from God to do this.

What am I going to do?

I am going to share my notes from when I read Genesis – at this point I have finished it and am on Exodus. I should note that though I bought the Bible in July, I didn’t start reading it until August 6th – yes, I wrote the date down.

I don’t have notes from each chapter, only for 40 out of the 50. My notes will be filled with different things; some might just be simply Bible verses in different translations. Others may have notes from the Study Notes section of the Bible. While some might have my own personal notes – which just a heads up, will not just be random sentences, but practically essays and will always end with a prayer, because my notes aren’t random, it is God speaking to me. A variety of my notes will also include a combination of these things – you never know what you’ll get on any given day.

These notes will be posted daily per chapter and everything is already scheduled, therefore it is guaranteed that you will read these notes daily.

I pray that these notes give you a new perspective of the Bible and a new understanding. There’s a reason why God wants me to share my notes, and though I am not completely clear as to the why, I’ve learned to act in obedience even when I don’t know all the whys’.

This is the beginning of my Next and I pray that it helps lead you into your Next.

I’d love to have discussions with you, so if you have anything to say about any of the notes, please comment, we can learn from each other.

God Bless,

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