About a Girl

I’m tired of putting everyone else above me.

I’m tired of always saying ‘yes’.

I’m tired of trying to live up to people’s expectations.

I’m just tired.

So I’m ending it right here, right now.

It’s nothing personal. It’s nothing anyone did. It’s just time.

It’s time for me to prioritize.

It’s time for me to know my limits.

It’s time for me to stop overextending myself.

It’s just time.

Everyone reaches that point.

That point where they’ve had enough. That point where they look in the mirror and wonder what in the world they’re doing with their lives.

They wonder how they got there.

They wonder why they are there.

They wonder what they can do to get out.

They wonder.

But never do anything.

I’m done doing that.

I’m done doing nothing.

I’m done only smiling for the camera.

I’m done not focusing on me.

My lenses have been everywhere except where they should be.

Above, not below.

Above is where my blessings come from.

Above is where my gifts come from.

Above is where my life is heading.

Above is where God is.

And He has great plans for me.

Plans only He knows.

Plans that are waiting on me.

Plans that will change people’s lives.

I’m tired, of standing still.

It’s time for me to move.

People will wonder about me.

But I’m done letting them determine my path.

My directions come from Above.

The plans are laid out before me.

Let’s see How Far I’ll Go.

4 thoughts on “About a Girl

  1. I enjoyed this. I totally understand where you’re coming from and am trying to put this into practice now. Did you hear from God about doing this or did you have a “fed up” moment?


      1. I understand that. I had a fed up moment too. How will you move forward doing things differently? It’s really easy to fall back into old habits and forget until you have another “fed up” moment.

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      2. Well, that fed up moment was a couple months back. I know that it’s easy to fall back into old habits, but it’s not about the falling back, it’s about the getting back up. We will always fall even if we try our hardest, not losing our faith and keeping our eyes on God and His purpose for us is what keeps us going.
        Moreover, my fed up moment wasn’t about anything in my life, more for the people around me that were trying to ‘us me’ for their benefit.


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